DIVERSITY – Driven by Ignorance, Resulting in Division

DIVERSITY – Driven by Ignorance, Resulting in Division

Though well intentioned by some (not all), the above is the best definition of Diversity.

It seems every industry and organistaion has been infected by this virus and in every occasion, the aim is to bring the race, gender, sexuality and religion of people within the organisation in-line with their ratio within the population at large.

In their goals to achieve this, they simply mention percentages, but never competency.

The final of the Olympics 100 meters sprint final is always dominated by black men. Why? Because genetically, they have more fast-twitch muscle than white men. Diversity, taken to its logical conclusion would put an end to that. We would end up an equal number of white guys in the final, purely on the basis of being white, not the times they set. Actually, it is ok to discriminate against white men because they are the root of all evil according to the new age beliefs.

Rather ironic then that without white men laying down their lives in the millions, the world would have been run by white supremacists. The diversity warriors are poor history students – do they know anything about World War 2 and Adolf Hitler? (or they are copying moves from his play book).

It seems the diversity warriors cannot accept the fact that there are differences, not only between men and women, but also between races. This does not equate to one being superior to an another. Difference is a scientific fact. (And is critical to the survival of each species). A total lack of basic science, as with history, has never been an impediment to these people when preaching their twisted philosophies. The Safe Schools programme, masquerading as an anti-bullying programme is a classic example of extreme philosophy over-riding scientific fact. A person is only a boy or girl because that is how they were “classified and treated when in school”. Getting boys to wear dresses is supposed to stop bullying?

Why then do we have separate men’s and women’s sport? If there is no real difference, let them compete together. Men and women are different, but this does not equate to one being “better” than the other. Is it ironic males produce far more testosterone than females and the most effective way of addressing this imbalance is castration. (A goal of many a feminist).

The diversity virus has infected the advertising industry more than most. Yes, the advisory firms, who are trying to eat our lunch, jump on their soap boxes and preach diversity, but they use it more as a merchandising tool than a core philosophy.

In aiming to attain the perfect percentage within the workforce, I have never heard ability mentioned. The BBC is short on Lesbians. So, there is a recruitment drive on for Lesbians. Can they do the job better than other candidates? Irrelevant. They just need more Lesbians to be inline with diversity requirements and employ the same % of lesbians as there are in the population.

Even the Australian Armed Forces is not immune from this insanity. Want to be a combat engineer? If you are a man, forget it. For the short-sighted fanatics, it is called affirmative action. As the result our armed forces, responsible for the nation’s security, will not be based on ability, rather on ensuring it mirrors the sex, sexuality, ethnicity and religion of the population. This programme can more accurately be termed “fucking insanity”.

The fundamentals of statistical variation are ignored. Even the most thick-headed diversity warrior would know that if a coin is unbiased, the odds of flipping a head or a tail are equal – it is a 50/50 chance. If I tossed a coin 10 times, rarely would there be 5 tails and 5 heads. I doubt they teach “limits” in “data science”. It is a basic taught in calculus, which forms the basis of statistics. (People use SPSS and other programmes, which approximate probability distributions. Each situation is different, and each has its own PDF, which should be calculated from scratch using calculus and linear algebra). If a coin is tossed an infinite number of times, the number of heads and tails will be equal. (Limits are used extensively in maths e.g. limit as x approaches 0 of 1/x is infinity. But ask someone what 1 divided by zero is and more often than not you will get the answer 1.)

If, for example, there are to be 10 directors of a company, the diversity warriors will want 5 men and 5 women. I just tossed a coin 10 times. The result? 7 heads and 3 tails.

If the heads were men, there would be outrage, if the heads were women, it would be fine. What are the chances of a head coming up on the 11th toss? 50/50, because each event is independent of each other. So, the odds of a new director being a male, if ability is the only arbiter, is 50/50

How have we reached the point of absolute insanity where ability is no longer relevant, rather every workplace is to be a microcosm of society and exactly mirror the % of gender, sexual preference, race, religion as found in the population? Social media has played a huge role. Not a great advertising medium, but it is a wonderful medium for propaganda (and distribution).

I hear of clients demanding that the team working on their business not be male dominated. If we embrace equality in its purest form, some teams will be dominated by men, some by woman and some will have a fairly even split. To expect every situation to mirror societal breakdowns we end up with social engineering and history has shown how that works out. (Genocide).

In many ways, thanks to social media, we are living in an era similar to the dark ages. (Hopefully the Renaissance is not far away). If a person expressed a view which differed to the teachings of the all-powerful Catholic church, such as Galileo, you were in deep trouble. He dared to suggest the earth was not the centre of the universe and in fact was just a planet which revolved around the sun. A quick viewing of the instruments of torture he may be facing resulted in a fast turn around in his theory. Today, express any opinion contrary to the Chattering Classes and you are bombarded by abuse and threats on social media.

Freedom of speech, the corner stone of democracy, is being eroded at a rapid rate. Sky News interviewed Blair Cottrell, the Nazi sympathiser. He came across as an idiot. But the Chattering Classes and the Andrew’s Socialist Government in Victoria have tried to shut down Sky News for daring to have him on. (Though he did appear previously on The ABC) So, it is up to an elite bunch to determine what we can or cannot see? Compare this to Senator Fraser Anning and his maiden parliamentary speech in which he asked for a ban on Muslim immigration and deliberately used the term “the final solution”. The public was outraged, but if the law of the looney left applied, we would never have heard him shoot his mouth of and become a public pariah. I find it disgusting that these people do not criticise Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro – all murdering socialist/communist sociopaths who are not held in the same contempt as Hitler. Hitler was a pacifist in comparison to Stalin. (Of course, the looney left will say I am defending Hitler. No, just giving murderers a score. Hitler: approximately 7 million, Stalin between 30 and 50 million).

The Diversity Warriors throw up claims of discrimination which stops minority groups receiving the education and opportunities required to be in a senior position, so selection based on skill just continues the perceived discrimination. Absolute bullshit! We are the most diverse and successful multicultural society in the world.

Historically, migrants and their offspring have been more successful per capita than people born in Australia. They came from oppressed and/or disadvantaged societies where you had no chance of escaping the lot you wee born into. I have conducted research into migrant communities for over 30 years and the results have always been the same – work hard in Australia and the opportunities are limitless. (Forget all the bullshit seminars on how to be successful through disruption. There are no shortcuts, no easy way. The only path to success is through hard work). Yet the Chattering Classes would have you believe the new arrivals were forced to live in ghettos and women were treated as second class citizens.

Ignore gender, religion, sexual preference, race and let ability and commitment be the only 2 selection criteria and we will end up with a balanced and fair society. Bringing quotas into the workplace not only dumbs the place down, it sets the scene for bigotry and violence.

We won’t end up with every individual company or organisation mirroring the distribution of the various societal groups – a statistical impossibility. We will see over representation in some areas and under representation in others, not because of any bias or bigotry, but because:

  1. The wonderful fact that humans vary in their abilities and interests and this variance is correlated to gender, race, religion and sexual preference, to name but a few. But the diversity warriors will not be happy until society mirrors their distorted, subjective view in every work place in the land.

  2. Like the tossing of a coin, small samples and workplaces, are rarely representative of the population. Each work place contains a bias towards a particular “type” of person.

George Orwell was frighteningly close in his future predictions, but his book should have been called 2018, rather than 1984.

It’s not the 4P’s we should question. It’s the quality of Marketers.

It’s not the 4P’s we should question. It’s the quality of Marketers.

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